[Springfield, MO – December 11, 2020] – Abacus CPAs, LLC is proud to announce that Shuhan Gu has been promoted to Senior Consultant.  Shuhan, who joined the firm in February 2017, has been a respected leader in tax planning, tax consulting services, and tax return review.

Shuhan, who is a graduate of MSU with her Masters of Accounting, has a passion for corporate tax.  She currently works in mentoring employees by monitoring projects, ensuring timely completion and helping to encourage essential conversations to best support Abacus clients.  Shuhan continues to build on her consultant perspective, understanding that Abacus offers more than just taxes, helping clients with a different perspective to build their business.

Since beginning at Abacus, Shuhan’s role has continued to grow and evolve – from tax preparer to tax reviewer – focused on Abacus’s ALIGN process and quality client communication.  Her responsibilities have increased to include monitoring project completion and quality, assigning work to team members and helping others provide the Abacus Experience to clients. Shuhan was recognized in May 2020 for her work with the Abacus Value Award for Integrity, one of the highest honors the firm bestows.

“Abacus has supported my growth, both personally and professionally.” said Shuhan, “I’ve been trusted with plenty of opportunities to interact with our clients, providing guidance that helps them make smarter decisions.  I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my leadership skills and experience within the firm, now and in the future.”


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Shuhan Gu