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Setting a cultural foundation will produce vital growth initiatives for your company.

All great companies understand the need to conduct a strategic examination of business plans.  our Team of Abacus Advisors provide your leadership team with the tools to identify your company’s dangers, opportunities and strengths, while offering instruction on integrating your strategic plan in an actionable plan with realistic steps – and the accountability – to move forward effectively.

Abacus CPAs - Strategic Planning Partner

Where Science Meets Business

We understand business. We know business financials are much more than tax returns. Your financial statement determines how banks, investors, and others see your business. We can help you represent your business properly.

As a business owner, you know that there is so much more to your company than just the product or service you provide and the bills you send and collect. Your growing business needs support in a multitude of areas to continue your growth and to do so successfully. Working with Abacus CPAs allows a whole new level of support in any of those areas that come up. In our list of advisory services, you can see how we are there to support you in every aspect of your business. Through strategic planning of your company culture or selling your company and everything in between, Abacus CPAs has trained professionals to advise you along the way! Having every advantage requires going beyond the numbers, that’s why our team of Abacus Advisors doesn’t stop there!

We know how to help you build better teams, with everything from getting the right people on board and placing them in the right roles, to bringing out the best in individuals by emphasizing their people skills and identifying their natural abilities. Consulting is where science meets the art of business. Consulting done right can make all the difference.

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The first step toward designing the future your business deserves — engaging in a structured strategic planning process, with Abacus CPA’s by your side, guiding you every step of the way.

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Our Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning
Assists in documenting a plan that establishes the direction of the company over the next year or more and how to get there.

Along with Clifton Strengths, teaches tools that will allow decision makers to hire and keep the right people, maximize employee potential, and build successful project teams.

Clifton Strengths
Along with Kolbe, teaches tools that will allow decision makers to hire and keep the right people, maximize employee potential, and build successful project teams.

Six Sigma
Assists with certification courses teaching necessary skills to move projects forward and optimize team efficiency, working with both management and project team members to execute success.

Estate Planning
Works with clients and their attorneys to assess any associated tax issues with fundamental estate planning documents.

Business Valuations
Appraises a business’ value for the purposes of selling, buying, divorce, litigation, and more.

Forensic Accounting
Combines accounting knowledge with investigative skills in various litigation support and investigative account settings.

Tax Planning
Analyzes financial situations or plans for a tax perspective to ensure tax efficiency and for planning purposes.

Succession Planning
Helps the company compile the skills, abilities, and goals of employees, compares them to the needs of current and future roles, and tracks employee progress toward being ready to fill those roles.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Evaluates financial statement information like assets and liabilities.

Software Implementation
Handles new accounting software integration obstacles such as testing and execution.

Internal Controls Review
Examines the adequacy and effectiveness of business’ internal controls and makes recommendations where control improvements are needed.

Personal Financial Statements
Prepares, audits, reviews, and/or issues compilation reports on personal financial statements typically for high net-worth individuals used to obtain loans, enter into investment transactions, or develop financial plans.

Projections and Forecasts
Creates a projection of financial results or key metrics with visibility to leading indicators used within organizations to estimate a future financial position.

New Business Start-ups
Provides expertise, insight, and solutions for entrepreneurs and organizations to start new businesses. Works with clients to identify critical next steps and help get them executed and to answer questions.