The 7 Steps of The Abacus Way

The Abacus Way

To create long-lasting relationships with our clients and employees by providing services through mutually profitable partnering alliances and by attracting and retaining the best employees who share our commitment to excellence and our dedication to professionalism. Above all, to glorify God in everything we do.

Integrity – Responsible, Trustworthy, Honest
Client Service Orientation – Effective Communication, Innovation, Sense of Urgency, Quality
People Focus – Respect, Effective Communication, Compassion, Cooperation
Positive Attitude – Coachable, Cooperative, Believe the Intentions and Abilities of Others are Good
Ownership – Pride in Our Work, Desire to Succeed, Loyalty

These values will be evident in our work, in our communication, and in our relationships.

Our individual tax advisors, business tax advisors, and accountants are highly skilled and also filled with passion.
Passion for your numbers.
Passion for your business.
Passion for you to win.

Business and personal tax laws are always changing. We stay abreast of the complex regulations and issues governing numerous industries and invest in continuing education for our team. It’s why we’re true advisors, with real wisdom to impart that can help you make smarter decisions to protect, monitor, and grow your dollars.

Our clients benefit from our team’s extensive experience in all aspects of accounting services. With backgrounds in international and regional public accounting firms, as well as Fortune 200 companies, our advisors offer hundreds of combined years of experience.

AbacusCPAs are wholly dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial objectives. It’s our passion, the driving force behind all our work, and the reason we are recognized as accounting services leaders time and again.

Effective planning provides real value. It’s empowering.
You know where you stand and what decisions you need to make each step of the way.

You will always understand what the numbers mean to you for your unique situation, including what’s coming and how to proactively respond.

When you’re prepared, in advance, you have greater opportunity for the very best outcome possible.

Abacus Professionals strive to provide our clients with every opportunity to minimize their taxes within the framework of the law. No matter the size of the issue, small to large, we ensure you receive the best, timely advice and innovative tax planning strategies.

Our team of Abacus Professionals are experts in individual, corporate, non-profit, estate, trust, and partnership tax planning. We utilize state-of-the-art technology, deep-dive into the research, and provide relevant actionable training to guide you in handling your needs, whatever they may be.

Business Health — We understand business. We know business financials are much more than tax returns. Your financial statement determines how banks, investors, and others see your business. We can help you represent your business properly.

Numbers are the language of business. Understanding the numbers is what makes the business run.

A good system for knowing your numbers is essential, it makes managing your business so much easier… and more profitable!

Let us help you with your system, and make your financial statement healthier with better guidance and smarter decisions.

Consulting is where science meets the art of business.
Consulting done right can make all the difference.

Our team of Abacus Advisors and Consultants go beyond the numbers to give you every advantage.

We know how to help you build a better team. It starts finding the right people for the right roles, then you train and develop them to set them up for success, while bringing out their best by emphasizing their natural abilities and motivation. By working with Abacus professionals, you’ll be able to create a dynamic, long-lasting team who thrives and propels your business growth.

You benefit from bringing in Abacus Professionals for a wealth of services.  Our team of professionals offer exceptional guidance for business valuations, human resources strategy and training, leadership development,  internal control evaluations, computer software, fraud investigations, strategic planning, developing a succession plan, and other consultative services.

We genuinely and carefully listen to you.
Then we provide efficient, effective solutions that are easy-to-understand because they’re tailored specifically to you.

Our ALIGN process ensures we provide better guidance so you can make smarter decisions.

We aren’t satisfied in talking once a year, because that will never give you the best outcome.  We schedule regular ALIGN sessions where we listen, track changes, and make adjustments to ensure you have options and steps that help you reach your goals.

What is ALIGN?
Available – We are here when you need us.
Listen – We listen and understand your situation.
Innovation – We stay on the cutting edge of technology to ensure you are getting the best possible guidance.
Guidance – We use our expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.
Next – We create strategies that focus on your future.

We conduct business The AbacusWay, which is both an attitude and a process where your best outcome is our destination.

Our team of Abacus Professionals are focused on partnering with you, keeping that end in mind. In order to achieve a goal, to arrive at  your desired destination, there must be a process with specific actionable steps.

Which is exactly why, we relentlessly pursue the best guidance possible, so you can make smarter decisions.  Our team continually looks for opportunities to grow your business while we monitor progress and help minimize potential obstacles.

We communicate regularly to let you know what’s coming so you can plan for it.  It’s a strategic advantage we are proud to provide to you, because we know planning is invaluable. Planning now will save you money, minimize frustration and maximize your success.