Knowledge, Savings and Experience

Outsourcing us as your CFO can present significant savings since we will be managing multiple clients and you gain the knowledge and experience of an entire CPA firm, instead of just one person. Now more than ever, life requires better guidance and smarter decisions.


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Abacus CPAs - CFO Services Executive

Someone to Rely On

Your CFO is the person you rely on to have the details about your business at top of mind to answer any question you may have. They should know what the various parts of the company are doing, how things are going, and what issues may arise in the short and long term. Your CFO should be the one who tells you when to grow the team, and when to bring in a new piece of equipment or technology, and they’ll know how best to deploy that. They build and execute your plans, deploy the right resources, and keep projects on track. More than an accountant, an outsourced CFO from Abacus CPAs is all this and more!

Our CFO Services include:

· Risk Assessment Assistance
Helps businesses identify potential hazards or threats, analyze what could happen if such a hazard occurs, and help develop a strategy to counteract such risks.

· Internal Control Recommendations
Abacus CPAs examines the adequacy and effectiveness of business’ internal controls and makes recommendations where control improvements are needed.

· Strategic Planning
Assists in documenting a plan that establishes the direction of the company over the next year or more and how to get there. Here, we can help you identify potential risks, because awareness of these risks can help your company stake out a stronger position in their field.

· Budget Monitoring
To accurately understand expenses versus budget, you need to have good knowledge of what the budget includes and how it’s planned out. Abacus CPAs performs a regular comparison of projected financial costs and gains against actual performance numbers. success of the business by investing the funds to help propel growth.

· Reporting to Governance
Creates integrated corporate reporting models to satisfy the needs of investors, preparers, auditors, and regulators.

· Overseeing Issuance of Financials to External Parties
Reports financial information to external parties such as investors, government agencies, banks, and suppliers in compliance with accounting principles.

· Record-keeping
Keeps adequate business, financial, and client records for reference and compliance purposes.

· Compliance
Supports the business with regulatory compliance functions and reviews.

· Investment of Excess Funds
Helps to determine how best to use excess cash to support the future success of the business by investing the funds to help propel growth.


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Abacus CPAs - Abe Discussing the Abacus Way

The Abacus Way.

What makes us different? We conduct business The Abacus Way. The Abacus Way is both an attitude and a process where your best outcome is our destination. All efforts are focused with that end in mind. In order to achieve a goal, to arrive at a destination, there must be a process, with specific actionable steps.

We are about you and your business, and that’s why our team has developed the ALIGN process to ensure every measure is taken, every step is complete. We are here when you need us, we listen and understand your situation, we stay on the cutting edge of technology to ensure you are getting the best possible guidance, we use our expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals, and we create strategies that focus on your future.

A good system for knowing your numbers is essential, it makes managing your business so much easier, and more profitable! We will actively push for new technological development, bring in new systems and lead you in decision making. Our clients benefit from the extensive experience of our team members in all aspects of accounting services, which includes over 100 years in international and regional public accounting firms, including Fortune 200 companies.

Abacus CPAs are client focused, wholly dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial objectives. It’s our passion, the driving force behind all our work, and the reason we are recognized as accounting services leaders in the greater Springfield area.