[Springfield, MO – December 11, 2020] – Abacus CPAs, LLC is proud to announce that Sam Shafer has been promoted to Advisor.  Shafer, who joined the firm in 2015, has been a resourceful leader in tax consulting and supervising internal tax processes.

Shafer, an army veteran, brings a wealth of experience to his role at Abacus.  He’s spent time developing individuals and new staff in tax as well as helping to change client’s view of tax – moving from a compliance mindset to a value-added service.  Shafer is always looking for ways to improve tax efficiencies, including working with McDonald’s Owner/Operators in maximizing benefits within current tax laws.

“I appreciate that Abacus takes what we do, taxes and accounting, and applies the why we do it: to help people in their businesses.” said Shafer, “I’m looking forward to growing in my role and starting to specialize.  I’m excited to delve more into complex areas of taxation and to look into how taxes are going to change and what impact those changes will have on our clients and their business growth.”

Since beginning with Abacus, Shafer has taken a lead on complex engagements, including projects with multiple return filing requirements or analyzing projections in unique situations.  He’s focused on teaching and guiding others to prepare quality returns and sharing knowledge with the next generation of tax professionals.

“I appreciate the growth-mindset and opportunities available at Abacus.” Said Shafer, “When I started, I was able to prepare one tax return at a time.  I soon developed a process where I could complete 10 to 20 at one time, and now in my leadership role, I am learning how to manage  100s of returns by working with each employee to ensure the Abacus Experience is delivered to every client every time.”


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Sam Shafer