[Springfield, MO – December 10, 2020] – Abacus CPAs, LLC is proud to announce that Chris Abercrombie has been honored with “Abe’s Golden Microphone” Communication Award Distinction, which is the highest award that Abacus bestows. Chris, who joined the firm in December 2016, is a respected communication leader with strengths in developing others, personalized training, and positively influencing all situations.

Chris has grown substantially since he started at Abacus CPAs.   He began his career with Abacus as an intern and was promoted to full-time in August 2017, spending time since then in both Traditional and Transportation departments. Chris, who is actively working on his CPA license, is currently the supervisor in the Transportation Tax Department.

“Over the years, I’ve learned that communication is key to maintaining success in your working and personal relationships.” said Chris, “On my first day at Abacus I realized that our firm was different from other Accounting Firms.  There is something really special here and I’m proud to contribute to our positive culture.”

Chris is a calm, engaging leader who really understands the benefits of a learning-environment to develop others.  He’s been commended for making people feel valued, listening with authentic intention, and providing personalized training to inspire learning and leadership success.  Chris, who has grown considerably over the past year, has helped build confidence in others by teaching them to trust the process, and most importantly, themselves.

“He’s a positive influence in the office. It’s refreshing to see him strive to help others better themselves.” shares a coworker, “A great problem solver that takes the lead with a fresh outlook.”

Chris is considered a great teammate, appreciated for communicating quickly, clearly and effectively.  He’s known for breaking down responsibilities, so the right people have the right information to get the right things done to best serve the clients. Chris has a focused talent to handle tough situations with poise and professionalism.

“I hope that I motivate and inspire others to do a good job.” said Chris, “I take time to listen and push each person – from intern to professional staff member – to be better in everything we do.”

Today, Chris serves as an authentic, approachable communication leader in the firm. He was selected to participate in the Leadership the Abacus Way program and is now completing his third year of the six-year program.  Chris, who understands the focus and value on growth mindset has helped the success of Abacus’s Transportation niche, which he hopes to exponentially expand in the next few years.

“At Abacus, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships.” said Chris, “Open communication helps nurture these relationships, builds our client success, and helps us grow as a firm.  I’m thankful I work at a firm dedicated to these values.”

Chris is proud of his small-town roots.  He’s lived in Buffalo, Mo for many years and currently lives there with his wife Kaila, whom he married in 2019.  Chris is a proud graduate of Missouri State University and earned his BS in accounting in spring 2017.


Abe’s Golden Microphone, established in 2019, honors an individual that embodies Abacus value of Effective Communication and promotes an environment of growth, trust and confidence. Abe’s Golden Microphone celebrates a positive and constructive approach in communication, including values-based leadership, purposeful growth, and motivating others to learn and develop communication skills. Honorees are selected each fall at the Abacus Annual All-Staff Retreat.

At Abacus CPAs, our focus is you! We believe that our employees and clients deserve to interact in an environment that fosters growthtrust, and confidence. Abacus™ professionals provide leadership by relentlessly pursuing the best guidance possible so those we serve can make smarter decisions.

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