While Microsoft Office is a standard piece of software that many employees need to excel at, a resume sets you apart from everyone else. A common theme with college graduate resumes is that most applicants list “proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.” Instead of the generic lingo, employers like to see specifics of what you have learned within the programs and how that can apply to your career. Instead of saying that you are proficient in Microsoft Office, say that you know how to create a pivot table or formulas. Andrew Boysen, a Ph.D. in Management, wrote in an article that he likes to see skills such as “set up a new reporting template in MS Excel that automatically calculated graphs based on current, month to month, and forecasts for the fiscal year taken from YTD values.” For MS Word, employers like to see that you know how to create a Mail Merge document from a set of values. There are times when Abacus employees must send formal letters to many clients, and it would be beneficial for you to know how to format a document.

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Kasey Bippert