When starting a new business, many new business owners express that they have limited funds and time for their bookkeeping, HR, and payroll tasks, alongside many of the tasks that a skilled CPA firm can perform. Business owners and Entrepreneurs wear so many different hats: marketing, producing, selling, and managing. You’re already at 12-hour days, and then you have to find time for the day-to-day banking, invoicing, bill paying, and all those fun taxes, deductions, and reports that are involved with having a payroll? How are you expected to keep up? How are you expected to know how to do all of these things?

Also, spending 12 to 13 hours daily at your business will eventually lead to burnout. As a business owner, your time is very valuable. Spending any time at all on your bookkeeping and payroll tasks takes away from the myriad of tasks that are your responsibility and prevents you from effectively growing your business. It is important to remember, especially when working with limited resources, that every agent of your company must be working at their highest level, at what they are best. By ensuring this, your company will have its best chance at long-term success. When you have employees (especially in leadership roles) working at tasks they did not set out or sign up to attend to, everyone is limited in what they can also complete. By outsourcing specific needs to specialists, you can ensure each and every one of your employees is working at something they enjoy and can succeed at. This also helps a great deal with retaining employees for a long-term career.

What if I told you that you can outsource your bookkeeping and payroll needs to a CPA firm for a fixed monthly cost? Our Accounting Services Department will help you develop a personalized plan for your bookkeeping, payroll, and cloud-based software systems. Better guidance, update-to-date accounting information, and accurate monthly financial reports will help you make smarter financial decisions. To learn more, please contact Abacus CPAs in Springfield, MO at 417-823-7171 or visit www.abacuscpas.com. Better Guidance. Smarter Decisions.

Linda Locke