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Keith Finke

Supervisor of Excellence

Get to Know Keith

Keith began at Abacus in June 2022 as the Supervisor of Excellence. He has 21 years of experience in Leadership, Coaching, and Training in the Middle East. Keith obtained his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Missouri State University and his Master of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Keith and his wife enjoy spending their time with their two adult children. In his spare time, he enjoys learning and sharing.

Keith’s Kolbe A Index Results Show That…

Keith is terrific when juggling rapidly changing priorities. He is known for taking risks that are grounded in practical realities. He does not mess around with what has always been done, but tempers his trial-and-error approach by strategizing options.

Keith’s Top 5 Clifton Strengths

Input | Ideation | Connectedness | Communication | Activator

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