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Get to Know Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy joined Abacus CPAs in August of 2019 and serves as a Consultant in our traditional accounting department. Amy is originally from Pleasant Hope. She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Accountancy at Missouri State University. Amy has over 10 years’ experience in accounting. Amy has a passion for meeting her clients needs and working with them for the best outcome possible.

Amy has a younger brother named Chris and two nieces, Caitlin and Miranda. She is also an animal lover at heart. She has a horse and four dogs. In her free time Amy enjoys reading, hiking, and crafting.

Amy’s Kolbe A Index Results Show That…

Amy is excellent in situations that require strategic organization of information. She sets priorities and put them into appropriate sequences. Her talent with both strategies and tactics makes her essential to any massive effort.

Amy’s Top 5 Clifton Strengths

1. Responsibility 2. Achiever 3. Relator 4. Empathy 5. Learner

Amy’s Unique Ability

Amy’s Unique Ability is to remain calm and patient while analyzing a situation with an open mind and caring attitude to envision a positive solution.

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