[Springfield/Lee’s Summit, MO – May 5, 2020] – Abacus CPAs, LLC is proud to announce that Leslie Kelleher has been awarded the Abacus Values Award for Client Service Orientation.  Kelleher, who joined the firm in February 2008, is a Consultant for Accounting Services and primarily serves our McDonald’s owner/operator clientele.

Leslie Kelleher earned her Business Administration degree from Ohio State University and her Master’s of Accountancy from University of Missouri – Kansas City.  When Kelleher began her Abacus journey, she worked part-time with a single McDonald’s payroll client.  Since then her role has expanded to compiling month-end financials and is now transitioning into a leadership role in the McDonald’s review process while also focusing on onboarding new clients.

“It’s a privilege to be involved in these client conversations.” Said Kelleher, “I want my clients to feel confident in our product and our dedication to them.  I take my promises seriously and am consistently looking for ways to refine the presentation of the financial data and to streamline processes to increase efficiencies.”

The Abacus Value Award for Client Service Orientation recognizes an employee who effectively communicates, leads with innovation, has a sense of urgency and produces quality work.  Kelleher, who has been commended for valuing the highest quality output for her client work, also leads the charge in making things better for clients.  She was a natural choice for the award this year because of her ability to make improvements that benefit the client and result in a product that is accurate, concise, and easy to understand.

“I was grateful to be presented with the Client Service Orientation award because I’ve always had such a high regard for my clients.” Said Kelleher, “Our clients are the reason I have the opportunity to work at Abacus.  To be recognized for valuing people the way they deserve to be valued is truly an honor.”

The Abacus Values Awards were created in 2020 to recognize individuals who fully exemplify Abacus Values in how they live, work and build relationships with clients and coworkers. Each recipient demonstrated exceptional understanding and achievement in client support and professional relationships.

“We’re proud to recognize outstanding employees who understand, live and embrace our values and know that they embody the best attributes of the firm and our focus on clients and culture,” said John Helms, Partner of Abacus CPAs, LLC, “Our firm continues to grow because of our dedicated, talented employees and I’m proud that we can recognize deserving talent in this capacity.”

The 2021 Complete List of Honorees Includes:

Shannon Terry, Firm Controller, is the recipient of the Abacus Integrity Award highlighting the attributes of being Responsible, Trustworthy, and Honest.

Leslie Kelleher, Consultant for McDonalds clients in our Lee’s Summit Office, is the recipient of the Abacus Client Service Orientation Award which includes the attributes of Effective Communication, Innovation, Sense of Urgency, and Quality in work.

Kasey Bippert, Consultant for Accounting Services in our Branson Office, is the recipient of the Abacus Positive Attitude Award which embraces the attributes of Coachable, Cooperative, and Believing the Intentions and Abilities of Others are Good.

Brooke Shepherd, Coordinator for Client Service Transportation Department, is the recipient of the Abacus People Focus Award which includes the attributes of Respect, Effective Communication, Compassion, and Cooperation.

Annette Wright, Senior Associate for Accounts Receivable – Transportation, is the recipient of the Abacus Ownership Award which includes the attributes of Pride in Our Work, Desire to Succeed, and Loyalty.


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