What makes you a leader is not defined by your position but by your attitude. Anyone can be a leader, despite their title and regardless of their position. If you strive to be a leader, it’s time to move past the idea of waiting for a label or status to give you authority. It’s time to recognize that leadership is more about who you are than your title. It’s time to take the required steps to lead even, and especially when you are not in charge.

Raise your standards. 

Having high standards for yourself will force you to be better. If you’re always doing better, doing more, and working in excellence, you are a leader.

Offer Solutions. 

Give solutions instead of problems. If you see something that’s broken, work to fix it. Be an advocate for change when it needs to happen and be part of the growth. Seek to collaborate with others on projects and work together to find resolutions.

Effective Communication. 

Be clear and concise. Listen and learn from those around you. Be aware of what others are saying with their body language, not just their words. 

Give Credit. 

Openly thank others for their contributions and effort. Don’t expect anyone to know that you are grateful for them; make it understood that you value their hard work. 

Be the Example.  

Actions honestly speak louder than words. Make yourself accountable for your behavior; your actions will always matter because someone’s always watching. 

Be Active.  

Passivity will kill your organization. It would be best to not wait on someone to give you orders; take the initiative. Be proactive and self-motivated, identify the needs of those around you and help.

Valuing leadership responsibility means rejecting excuses and owning your involvement in the results: good, bad, or indifferent. 

Responsibility is weighty, and no one prefers to shoulder burdens that could be passed off on someone else. It takes a great leader to put into practice the reliability and character found in taking responsibility. Having an attitude that reaches beyond the list of duties on your daily to-do list will help you display your leadership even if you don’t have a claim to the title. 

Abraham Lincoln said, “you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” 

Decide to welcome responsibility and truly become a leader, regardless of if you are officially in charge or not.

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