[Springfield, MO – September 11, 2020] – Abacus CPAs, LLC is proud to announce that William “Bill” Dunton has been awarded the distinction of Legacy Adviser as part of Springfield Business Journal’s 2020 Trusted Advisers.  The award ceremony is held later today, September 11, 2020 via webcast.

Dunton has decades of experience serving clients.  Before starting Abacus CPAs, LLC 22 years ago, he had 11 years of experience in CPA firms where learned a great deal about tax, accounting, and audit and working with the numbers side of businesses.  But he knew something was missing in their business model.

Dunton understands the value of a people-focused accounting firm that truly appreciates innovation and communication. It’s why he started, Abacus CPAs, which has now grown beyond 90 employees and has had steady financial growth each year.

“We know running a small business, a corporation, or even your career can be overwhelming, so we help each client by following three significant themes: growth, trust, and confidence.” said Dunton, “We ensure our clients understand what the numbers mean – with personalized insight and guidance – they know what’s coming and how to proactively respond for the best possible outcome.”

Dunton’s entrepreneurial management style is evident.  He encourages his staff – at all levels – to work as entrepreneurs in this business, a unique perspective for CPA firms.  And Abacus employees continue to thrive in an independent, flexible, and supportive environment, taking full ownership of their positions and are more fulfilled, work harder, and produce better results.

“We ensure each employee has the opportunity for success, both personal and professional, through our culture and goals-based structure.” said Dunton, “I’m proud of the growth and development of my team.”

The results reinforce Dunton’s perspective.  As the industry grows 3% to 5% annually, Abacus CPAs has continued growth of 15% or more each year.  And during the uncertain times with Coronavirus, Dunton’s team at Abacus propelled success even further by adapting, embracing change, and diversifying our services to give clients the best guidance to make smarter decisions.

“We added new service lines; we acted quickly and thoughtfully, we moved forward, kept employees busy with meaningful work, and actively hired new staff.” said Dunton, “We knew what it would take to be successful, and we did that and more, growing stability for the future.”

Dunton knows people are the foundation of success.  His clients consider him a Trusted Adviser because of how he lives his life both personally and professionally. Clients and employees respect that he is willing to share and live his beliefs and have more faith in Dunton as a result.

“Glorifying God has always been my forefront principle, a company foundation, part of our mission, and guided all of my work with staff and clients.” said Dunton. “We know people want better guidance to help them make smarter decisions – and it’s what we deliver.”

Dunton also is a committed family-man and community volunteer.  He and his wife, Lisa, have been married for 35 years and have two grown children, Drew and Allie. Bill also serves as an integral volunteer and change-maker for the Gilloiz Theater, Girls on the Run, and his church, Second Baptist.


Springfield Business Journal’s 2020 Trusted Advisers event honors 22 Trusted Advisor business professionals, including up-and-comers for those with fewer than five years of experience and the Legacy Adviser pinnacle award, given to an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. The program is now in its seventh year. Read more >

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