When you’re considering a new job, a vitally important consideration is culture. Sure, other benefits are important to consider – but you could have a great package and take a job in a terrible culture; and then you’re miserable and stuck.

Here at Abacus, we value a positive work culture, and we focus on it quite a bit.  But what does that mean? What is the culture at Abacus really like?

We Focus on Trust – From Day One

When you accept a job with Abacus, you start your onboarding with a session that helps you “Let Go of the Past and Grow into Abacus CPAs Culture,” sharing the difference between other cultures and Abacus, including:

In Other Cultures, You Could Experience:

  • Controlled Information
  • Living in Doubt and Fearing Mistakes
  • Having Few Decision Makers

(yikes, right?)

But, thankfully in Abacus CPAs Culture, You Experience:

  • Shared Information – We Learn and Grow Together, Helping Each Other to Succeed
  • Learn from Mistakes and Trusted from Day One – You’re hired to work within your Strengths and Unique Ability
  • Shared Decision Making – We work to have the right people involved – no matter their level in the firm

Everyone Here Understands – and Lives – the Abacus Culture

From tenured employees to those just starting at our Firm, each and every person is taught, reinforces and lives our culture.  We work to be productive, supportive, genuine and add value with each project, each meeting and each initiative. Important examples include:

  • Our Coaching Area committees help you meet a group of employees with similar interests to help you improve firm operations and engagement
  • Our employees focus on their Circle of Influence, looking at areas they can impact directly

Our Mission and our Values Define Our Culture

Our Mission Statement and Values are recited at each firm meeting – helping us to focus on our “Why” of “People Deserve Better” – and the great thing is, we understand that Clients and Employees deserve better.  After all, when we take care of our employees – and we do – our clients can see this in the effort, engagement and experience with each and every interaction. Plus, we:

  • Communicate with all employees regularly – through firm newsletters, monthly lunch & learn sessions, annual retreats and Teams messages
  • Provide opportunities for employees to provide value-added feedback and insight – monthly ABBY awards to share thanks, growth and opportunity comments through an online culture platform, and help provide suggestions and solution-based ideas at our annual Employee Impact Retreat

We are Continually Working To Improve

Sure, it’s great to have a positive culture. But what works today may not work in the future. And we get that.  As a growing entrepreneurial organization, we thrive on value-added change and purposeful growth, which is why:

  • We regularly complete Lean Six Sigma projects to improve our processes
  • We focus training sessions on a Growth Mindset, reinforcing a learning-based-success attitude with employees
  • We encourage and require each staff member to complete Professional Development that directly impacts their position and their professional interests; growing their training, skills and experience
  • Each employee has personalized annual goals, called a Balanced Scorecard that helps them achieve success, and each employee discusses these goals regularly with their supervisor

You want to work here. This is a place that you’ll love, will help you grow, and will focus on your professional development success. Plus, we care about you as a person, as an employee, and as an important component of our firm’s success.

If you’d like to take the next step – please contact Adrienne McCoy at amccoy@abacuscpas.com to learn more about current and future opportunities with Abacus CPAs.