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Sally Dasto


Administrative Assistant

Get to Know Sally

Sally Dasto joined Abacus CPAs as an Administrative Assistant in our Branson office.

Sally started her career working in customer service for American Eagle Airlines for 9 years. She then worked as a Travel Agent for World Travel Partners for about a year. In 1997, she took a job as a Retail Sales Clerk for Gymboree and worked there for 4 years. From there, Sally worked as the Owner of Quality Action Photography, which she ran for 7 years. Sally’s next job was as the Volunteer House Manager and Board Member of Desoto Family Theatre, where she worked for 6 years. Then Sally held various jobs with Convergence Marketing, CVS, Choice Towing, & Families First. After moving to Branson, she worked as a Seasonal Costume Dresser & a Seasonal Cash Office Team Member while becoming a certified Federal Officer with TSA for 3 years before joining Abacus.

Sally is originally from Houston, Mississippi and graduated from Houston high school. Sally, and her husband Brian (who is an international pilot) have two daughters, Nicole and Kristen. Sally also has three dogs.

Some of Sally’s hobbies include hanging out with her husband Brian, watching their youngest daughter perform, and reading or listening to audio books.

Sally’s Kolbe A Index Shows That . . .

She is highly dependable at providing comprehensive methods for monitoring activity.  Others can count on Sally to plan thoroughly, coordinate details, and be pragmatic in the use of diagrams and schedules she creates.

Sally’s Top 5 Clifton Strengths

1) Responsibility, 2) Belief, 3) Connectedness, 4) Arranger and 5) Positivity

Sally’s Unique Ability

Connecting with others and prioritizing their needs in order to support a successful team.

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