[Springfield, MO – December 3, 2021] – Abacus CPAs, LLC is proud to announce that Taylor Graves has been promoted to Coordinator in our Transportation Tax Department.  Taylor, who joined the firm in January 2016 as a Customer Service Professional, been a valuable resource in technical preparation of individual tax returns, handling IRS notices for Over-the-Road Transportation Drivers and teaching Individual Tax Class to prospective and incoming clients.

Taylor Graves, who previously worked as a teller and new account employee at a local bank, has a good foundation for supporting clients with their needs through their entire client journey.  Taylor, with his experience in building new accounts, spends a good amount of time at Abacus assisting clients with reconciliations so they get accepted by the IRS, including customer service to ensure clients understand their next steps and how he can help.

His responsibilities have grown considerably over the years to include more advanced work requiring a higher level of skill and professionalism. He’s worked on projects from preparing basic individual tax returns, to now, preparing partnership returns, which is an elevated form of tax and accounting work, beyond the basics of individual tax. Taylor prides himself in his growth and leadership in the department, stating that at Abacus, your skills and knowledge are pushed to expand your skillset and abilities, which has helped him share his knowledge with the next generation of Abacus employees.

“Abacus has helped me grow in my abilities and has pushed me to ‘be comfortable being uncomfortable’ – an essential skill, with good growing pains!” said Taylor Graves, “Through my time with Abacus, I’ve been pushed to take on new challenges, work toward my leadership vision and develop my leadership skills so I can lead the next generation, planting seeds for new employees, knowing they’ll grow too.”


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Kasey Bippert