Technology is ever-advancing in a world of skeptics and soothsayers. Leaders of industries around the globe are in an arms race for the next big thing to stay ahead. Artificial intelligence and block chains appear to threaten the livelihood of people around the world. We regularly see new items on the shelves to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. Watching your specialized product or service become commoditized has become a routine. Some people see the coming of Terminator’s Judgement Day. Others see an opportunity to provide products and services that younger generations consider commodities and pair them with excellent customer service and experience that leads to a greater understanding of how your decisions impact them.
Industries like accounting, insurance, and investing have already seen technology step into the ring and snatch market share because of ease of use and the limited time needed. Many of us agree that these two items can make life more enjoyable, especially in our busy culture of maximizing the potential of every second. Companies like Lemonade, Acorns, and QuickBooks offer services to provide the quickness and efficiency we want. However, as fast as this amenity has been available, firms have advertised the value of human interaction and the importance of having an advisor you know. Companies like State Farm, with their independent agents spread across the entire United States, ensure access or CPA firms with advisors familiar with you and your business, ready to lend help when needed. Even H & R Block has created a series of commercials that relay the importance of having a personal touch to your service. State farm competitor Geico has started opening physical locations to stay able to compete. Younger generations want to build relationships with people to whom they entrust their money and families. The companies are using the technology developed with a “cherry on top” to prove their value in a world that continues to become automated.
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