[Springfield, MO – May 28, 2020] – Five outstanding individuals were honored by Abacus CPAs, LLC with Values Awards on May 28 as part of Abacus CPAs Annual Company Retreat.

The Abacus Values Awards were created in 2020 to recognize individuals who fully exemplify Abacus Values in how they live, work and build relationships with clients and coworkers. Each recipient demonstrated exceptional understanding and achievement in client support and professional relationships.

“We’re proud to live our values through the creation of the inaugural Abacus Values Awards and honored to recognize our outstanding employees for living these values fully,” said Bill Dunton, Managing Partner of Abacus CPAs, LLC, “Our firm continues to grow because of our dedicated, talented employees and I’m proud that we can recognize deserving talent in this capacity.”

The 2020 honorees are:

Shuhan Gu
Abacus CPAs Consultant

Shuhan Gu, Consultant in the Branson Office is the inaugural recipient of the Abacus Integrity Award highlighting the attributes of being Responsible, Trustworthy, and Honest.

Shuhan Gu consistently shows the spirit of the Abacus Integrity Value through her leadership and consistency. Shuhan is known for keeping her word in helping with projects and commitment to clients. Shuhan excels at providing highly dependable, comprehensive methods for monitoring activity. Others can depend upon her to check things out, itemize inconsistencies, and present practical diagrams and schedules.

Shuhan Gu joined Abacus CPAs in February of 2017. She is currently serving as a Consultant in our Tax Department.

Shuhan specializes in individual tax, business tax, and tax planning. Shuhan also has experience from serving as a VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistant). Learn more about Shuhan >

Dina Graves
Abacus Transportation

Dina Graves, Coordinator in Transportation Department, Springfield Office is the inaugural recipient of the Abacus Client Service Orientation Award which includes the attributes of Effective Communication, Innovation, Sense of Urgency, and Quality in work.

Dina Graves is appreciated by many of our transportation drivers because of her strong will to help no matter what. In addition, Dina is always willing to happily assist coworkers with their clients and does a great job on focusing on the best solution for the driver. Dina excels when strength and endurance are required. She is effective at demonstrating what needs to be done and at making it happen in a tangible way others recognize as showing great quality.

Dina Graves joined Abacus CPAs in August of 2015 and is currently a Coordinator in our Transportation Department. She specializes in Customer Service and Tax. Dina is passionate about tax preparation and review, internal management, and culture building. Learn more about Dina Graves >

Chad Cannon
Abacus Transportation

Senior Analyst Chad Cannon, Senior Analyst – Springfield Office is the inaugural recipient of the Abacus Positive Attitude Award which embraces the attributes of Coachable, Cooperative, and Believing the Intentions and Abilities of Others are Good.

Chad Cannon displays a valuable, consistent level of positivity with his clients and coworkers. He is always finding ways to keep the mood light and positive, no matter the circumstances. Chad’s strength is to continually look to the brighter side of things with a unique ability to help others maximize production and innovation by cultivating a positive, inviting environment through humor that fosters creativity.

Chad Cannon joined Abacus CPAs in December of 2018 as an Associate in our Transportation Division. Learn more about Chad Cannon >

Torri Marsh
Abacus CPAs

Torri Marsh, Associate in Lee’s Summit Office, is the inaugural recipient of the Abacus People Focus Award which includes the attributes of Respect, Effective Communication, Compassion, and Cooperation.

Torri consistently shows outwardly focus to both clients and employees, including supporting the variety of needs of our McDonald’s clients, no matter the time of day. She considerately displays Servant Leadership in her dedication to support her colleagues in whatever way possible. Torri is excellent in situations that require the strategic organization of information. She sets priorities and puts them into appropriate sequences.

Torri Marsh joined Abacus CPAs in August of 2014. She is an Administrative Specialist at our Lee’s Summit office. Along with her administrative duties, Torri also specializes in McDonald’s healthcare. Learn more about Torri Marsh >

Sabrena Shipley
Abacus CPAs Analyst

Sabrena Shipley, Analyst in Springfield Office is the inaugural recipient of the Abacus Ownership Award which includes the attributes of Pride in Our Work, Desire to Succeed, and Loyalty.

Sabrena consistently displays extreme ownership of her clients in both the Springfield ACCS and Tax Departments, including willingness to accept responsibility at times above and beyond expectation for her level of experience, including large and complex projects. Sabrena’s Unique Ability is to passionately give and dedicate time and energy so that growth, success, and happiness can be achieved by herself and others.

Sabrena Shipley joined Abacus CPAs in January of 2018 and is an Analyst in our Traditional Tax Department. Learn more about Sabrena Shipley >


The Abacus CPAs Values are a key component of our Five Cultural Learning Points which include our Mission, Values, Circle of Influence and Concern, Process/Process Improvement, and the Welch Grid.

At Abacus™ CPAs, our focus is you! We believe that our employees and clients deserve to interact in an environment that fosters growth, trust, and confidence. Abacus™ professionals provide leadership by relentlessly pursuing the best guidance possible so those we serve can make smarter decisions.

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