Springfield, MO – July 29, 2022 – Abacus CPAs, LLC is delighted to name Doris Helmick as the recipient of the 2022 Abacus Values Award for Positive Attitude. Helmick joined Abacus in 2011 as a Tax Preparer and is now a Senior Associate.

Helmick primarily focuses on payroll processes and accounts payables for McDonald’s clients. She graduated from Central Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Helmick previously did accounts receivable for a bridal store before beginning her Abacus journey.

“I have learned that, with some guidance and training, I can take on new challenges that seemed outside of my area of knowledge,” Helmick said.

The Abacus Value Award for Positive Attitude recognizes an employee who leads a coachable mindset, cooperation and believes the intentions and abilities of others are good.

“I think it is important to be cooperative and coachable in and out of the work setting,” she said. “Being in a work space where everyone is working together toward a common goal is so much more enjoyable than when there is a very competitive atmosphere.”

The Abacus Values Awards were created in 2020 to recognize individuals who fully exemplify Abacus Values in how they live, work and build relationships with clients and coworkers. Each recipient demonstrated exceptional understanding and achievement in client support and professional relationships.

2022 Complete List of Abacus Value Award Honorees:

Hannah Husgen, Senior Analyst in the Traditional Tax Department, is the recipient of the Abacus People Focus Award which includes the attributes of Respect, Effective Communication, Compassion and Cooperation.

Ashleigh Schroeder, Analyst in the Traditional Tax, Audit & Accounting Department, is the recipient of the Abacus Ownership Award which includes the attributes of Pride in Our Work, Desire to Succeed and Loyalty.

Stephanie Frazee, Senior Associate in the Transportation Department, is the recipient of the Abacus Integrity Award which includes the attributes of Responsible, Trustworthy and Honest.

Taylor Graves, Coordinator in the Transportation Department, is the recipient of the Abacus Client Service Orientation Award which includes the attributes of Effective Communication, Innovation, Sense of Urgency and Quality in Work.

Doris Helmick, Associate in Accounts Payable – McDonald’s, is the recipient of the Abacus Positive Attitude Award which includes the attributes of Coachable, Cooperative and Believing the Intentions and Abilities of Others are Good.


The Abacus CPAs Values Awards, established in 2020, honors individuals who embody the key components of our seven Cultural Learning Points which include our Mission, Values, Circles of Excellence, Welch Grid, Circle of Influence and Concern, Value-Added and Process Improvement, and Mature & Growth Mindset.  The Abacus Values award celebrate our commitment to excellence, including client and employee interactions.  Honorees are selected each spring at the conclusion of the Abacus Annual All-Staff Strategic Planning Retreat.

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